Welcome to the Pancake Wars WikiEdit

The following documents tell of the pancake wars which occurred in years 76-78 PAJ (Post Aunt Jemima).

Those Who Claim The Mandate of Syrup Edit

Emperor Edgar, High King of All Pancakes

The Usurper

"The Crow"

Allies of Emperor Edgar, High King of All Pancakes Edit

Grand Jelly Sorcerer Josh

Evan, King of all Waffles

Cara, True Queen of Crepes

Allies of "The Crow" Edit

Queen of Crepes

Aaron, Grandmaster Milk bender

Drew, the Jam Archmage

Allies of "The Great Usurper" Edit

Ben, Knight of the Southern Pancakes

Unaligned Persons Edit

Duchess of Flapjacks

Kevin the Raspberry Lord, Master of the Buttery Voice

Nate, Baron of the Northern Pancakes

Alex, Pancake Squire

Marissa, Herald of the Void (Formerly Herald of Chocolate Chips)

Latest activityEdit

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